Are you ready to finally break free of the loop and take the step UP your music career needs?



Learn the Proven Drum Production System of a 10x Grammy Nominated Producer and Install the Levers that Will Let You Finish Better Music Faster for the Rest of Your Life.

Without grinding around the clock or spending thousands on equipment that won’t make the difference you need.

Have you heard those stories of producers and artists who make songs in a matter of hours and wondered if you'll ever be able to create amazing music quickly

What’s going on?

Are they living in some dream world where sounds appear out of thin air, complex processing chains weave themselves around flowing rhythms, and arrangements unfold almost in real time?

It may feel to you like the only way you could make music that quickly yourself would be if you lowered your standards, cut corners, or even changed your style.

You already know you urgently need to be building a juicy catalogue of tracks to send out to collaborators, featured vocalists, labels, sync agencies, publishing companies, and of course to release yourself and build your own audience...

But the days on the calendar are drifting by.

In the meantime, you’re sitting there trying to figure out the endless details of an infinite array of music tech options. You’re desperately trying to get to the results you want. 

You know you need to harness all this potential and level up your production, but you’re painfully aware that all this time you’re spending lost in the fog is time that others are spending making and releasing music. 

Does this scenario sound familiar to you?

If you’re currently learning to make music but don’t seem to be able to find a flow, if you haven’t been able to achieve the style, balance, or quality you want in your songs

Or if you already have an established music career but you know you need to expand your abilities to create new opportunities so that you can move beyond the narrow niche that’s keeping you working day and night… many of these do you relate to?

  • You always feel like you’re struggling with establishing a workflow, so you spend your time researching countless quick tips or even switching back and forth between DAWs before running into the same frustrations time and time again…
  • You watch your excitement fading fast as you try to turn your initial ideas into a full length song
  • Your options never seem to end - there's always one more software feature you need to understand or plugin to buy before you can start creating the music you want to make
  • You feel that to make your music better you have to work on it longer and harder - but the more you work, the further away the finish line seems to be…
  • You’re wiped out from working your job so when you finally do sit down to create it doesn’t take long before you’re in an exhausted daze, unable to make the progress you know you need
  • You're equally inspired AND overwhelmed by the huge vision you have for where you want your music and career to be, but you find it so hard to know what the next step is that you should be taking right now
  • You might even find yourself paralyzed by the fear and self-doubt about whether or not you know enough or even if you’ve got what it takes to make it in music
  • You're just not satisfied with the results you're getting and you know you need to shift into a higher gear...

Whether you identify with some or all of these points, you’re probably spending more and more time wondering just how long it’s going to take you to release these anchors that are holding you back. 

How long will it take you to become the Complete Producer you dream of being?

 How many new opportunities, listeners, song placements, royalty payments, and connections are you missing out on while you sit there trying to figure this stuff out?

How much longer will you stay stuck in the day job before you can work on music full time?

the challenge you are ultimately facing is this:

It’s incredibly difficult to take your next steps simple because there are SO many options to choose from. 

So many paths only loop you right back to where you started, or worse, wind up as dead ends

And while you’re in this production fog, it’s impossible to see where any of the paths finish and so you end up with analysis paralysis, stuck in the same spot, treading water.

just ask yourself,

How long have I been stuck at the level I’m at right now? 

If I only keep improving at this rate I’m going today, how long will it take me to reach the level I know my music and my career deserves?

When I’m in the studio producing an artist, do you know what the #1 thing is they tend to ask me every day?

It’s not a question about what equipment we’re going to use, what key the song is in, or whether we should re-arrange the structure of the song.

The #1 question I get asked is simply, 

“What are we doing next?”

The single biggest problem a great producer solves for their artist is simply knowing what to work on next in order to get a great result as quickly as possible.

And the single biggest obstacle holding back music creators from improving their creative process and growing their careers is simply their confusion about what to do next.

Over the past couple of years I’ve spent literally hundreds of hours talking to musicians, artists, engineers, and producers around the world about their process and how they make music.

I’ve deeply listened to countless songs, taken notes, and offered detailed feedback not just on how to improve a specific song, but a path forward for each person to improve their production as a whole. 

All this is built on top of the more than two decades I’ve spent working full time as an engineer, producer, programmer, mixer, and songwriter delivering records day in and day out for a huge array of artists, from global icons like Björk and The Prodigy, to independent and emerging bands and singers.

As a result, I enjoy a rare perspective on the gap between the finished records people aspire to, and the music they’re making right now

Critically, as someone who guides artists and their material from seed to fruition, my expertise is all about figuring out a cohesive plan to deliver results.

And I’ve invested an enormous amount of time creating a new plan. Not just for how to finish one song with one artist, but a plan for YOU to acquire the skills, methods, and (most importantly) the perspective and mindset which will allow you to take a huge leap forward in your own production process and raise the quality - and quantity! - of your results.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could confidently follow a series of proven steps, one leading to the next, that would form a solid staircase to lift you up out of the fog? 

Wouldn’t you feel great if you knew that each step would lead you consistently in the right direction, and the time you invested learning would pay you back a hundred times over? 

How different would your world look if you were able to quickly master one focused aspect of music production, which set you up to understand and master countless more?

How relieved and excited would you feel to see your own path opening up ahead, to KNOW you have the ability to follow it because you can tangibly feel your own acceleration and growth as an artist and producer?

Imagine knowing exactly where to start and what to do with Ableton Live, so THAT every time you sit down to create...

👉 You immediately make those decisive first moves which activate creative momentum...

👉 You access killer drum sounds that inspire more ideas… with just a couple of clicks…

👉 You know how to steer your initial seed and adapt it to the direction your ideas are now flowing...

👉 You find that you don’t even HAVE a loop to get stuck in because you’ve already started creating changes and flows which, again, inspire more ideas…

👉 You get to enjoy the process of discovering what beats are emerging through you, because you’re open and relaxed and deep in the flow…

👉 You rapidly finish dynamic drum arrangements which you know will act as powerful sparks for the rest of your writing and productionand...

You actually have fun experimenting, exploring, refining, and dialing in your OWN unique style and sound.

All of THAT would mean more songs finished, which means more music you can release. 

More ways to build your audience

expand your discography

and generate more opportunities….

You’re putting an unstoppable domino effect into motion, right?

The reason you’ve been struggling to move forward

...isn’t because you’re missing that "magical piece of gear" or because you didn’t inherit some “musical genius gene”.

You’re simply having a hard time because there’s SO much information constantly pulling you in every direction at once... 

... but there’s NO cohesive strategy linking those steps together into an enjoyable, easy, rewarding, and always accelerating creative flow.

It’s time for you to set

one clear course

to production mastery.




Where you will equip yourself with an arsenal of tools and techniques, tactics and strategies to create inspiring, mix ready beats - intuitively, fluidly, and QUICKLY!

Without grinding day and night and wasting thousands on equipment that won’t make a difference!

The Beats Accelerator Process isn’t some “DAW tutorial” like countless others you may have seen online. 

It’s a practical, technical, conceptual, philosophical, AND performance-based framework built on years of experience, years of learning, years of grueling technical research and trial and error in real world sessions.

The Beats Accelerator Process is a detailed map that will transform you from an overwhelmed sonic dabbler into an unstoppable drum production monster, taught to you by a multiple Grammy Nominee with decades of experience and wisdom.

I created The Beats Accelerator Process to finally clear your creative path of all those vibe killing roadblocks, to cut out all the extraneous crap that’s dragging you down, to act as a catalyst that will unlock your inner voice, protect your invaluable energy, and get you up to full speed 

as quickly as possible. 

When you join The Beats Accelerator Process you will: 

Build then master a start to finish flow of materials, tools, and techniques to create dynamic, mix ready drum tracks in your own style

Create seemingly magical systems to let you almost instantly access the sound you need, when you need it so that your ideas can flow without interruption.

Set yourself up to never fear a blank screen ever again - getting a new idea up and running will be as natural as breathing, and you’ll enjoy the process of watching it unfold before you.

Confidently know HOW and WHY you’ll use different tools and techniques for different elements in your beat to eliminate second guessing and doubt in the creative flow

Quickly create engaging drum arrangements which will invite you to write your best music and constantly spark more ideas - you’ll never be stuck in the loop again.

Redefine your relationship with your own mind to always invite more and more ideas. This understanding alone is priceless and will impact every area of your music and life.

Learn to make those valuable moments of free time between your other commitments really count - including a simple method for using your exhausted “after work energy” to create “power ups” for your future self.

Write yourself a personal insurance policy so that if you do hit a patch of creative struggle again in your life, you’ll have a clear set of easy practices you can call on to reverse a downwards slide, regain your bearings, and get back up to full speed in no time at all.

In short, by the end of this training you’ll be able to effortlessly create mix ready drum arrangements which propel your writing and production forward so that you can finish more music, expand your catalogue of songs, create more opportunities and level up your music career… or your money back!

The Beats Accelerator Process is your path to MASTERY of all the tools and techniques you’ll need to enter and remain in the flow state when you create.

"This course is different. It's more effective because you start by working on your mindset. It totally clears the crap out of your digital and mental system!  I've never experienced a better course.  Damian is a passionate teacher, responsive to questions. The Beats Accelerator Process gives you the constant motivation to explore and improve the way you create, and it eliminates the fear of starting with a blank screen.  I'm improving every day since I started The Beats Accelerator Process and I've also learned how to better manage my time while producing. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED."

"Damian not only gives you his entire beat-making process, but with it all the philosophy and thought process behind it. Not once did I feel confused over why he was making moves which would leave me thinking a production boat sailed that I missed.  The end results of The Beats Accelerator Process have brought me to a place i thought was only a dream. I never look at an empty session and feel clueless on what to do. As soon as I have my DAW open, not only am I making big moves in seconds, but I enjoy every step of it, and am overjoyed with the results only a week after finishing the lessons."

Maurizo Borgna

Logan Sikora

Grammy and Oscar Nominated Mixer, Engineer & Producer

Audio Engineer,

Music Producer,

Live & Studio Mixer

What's Inside

The Beats Accelerator Process?

The Beats Accelerator Process is centered around six core modules crafted to lift you and your creative process to a whole new level

Module 1 : 

Rise Above The Fog and Lock On To Your Destination


  • The counter-intuitive truth about grinding it out in the studio
  • What quick tips tutorials don’t teach you about finishing music consistently
  • The liberating facts about why more gear DOES NOT equal more music
  • Discover how you can create a launchpad that will propel your entire writing and production process into the stratosphere

Module 2 : 

Transform A Rag Tag Group of Sonic Misfits into Your Personal Production Dream Team


  • The foundational technique you can apply NOW that will allow your beats to knock and your mixes to fall into place forever after
  • How to Marie Kondo your sound library so that making beats will spark joy
  • Hack the strategy Michelin Starred Chefs use to serve consistently world class cuisine so that you can create consistently world class work

Module 3 : 

Master The Five Fundamentals of Accelerated Beat Creation


  • Wax on, wax off - get familiar with just how simple the building blocks actually are
  • The single most important mindset shift that will allow you to create detailed work in a fraction of the time
  • How to harness the hidden power of Live without getting lost down the rabbit hole
  • The ninja methodology to invite happy accidents that actually inspire you

Module 4 : 

You've Learned to Walk; Now It's Time To Fly


  • Arrangement Masterclass: Secrets to effortlessly cross over to life outside the loop
  • Simple strategies to always move forward without losing perspective or momentum; banish the stress and never “run out of ideas” ever again
  • The more-fun-than-videogames way to accelerate your own improvement and lock in the gains you’ve made
  • How living organisms are hardwired to respond to sound, and how to convert that knowledge into compelling structures that move your listener

Module 5 :

Advanced Tactics to Amplify Your Style


  • How to incorporate a sound design processes that won’t slow down your flow
  • Shortcuts to kickstart tracks and expand your rhythmic vocabulary
  • Understand when piling on plugins can destroy your sound - and when it can take your creativity to the next level
  • Use the foundations you’ve created to build a skyscraper
  • How modulation, probability, and your own touch will bring your beats to life. 
  • Unify all your layers into a living breathing organism

Module 6 : 

Wrap It Up With A Bow and Give Your Future Self A Gift


  • Empower your mix engineer (even if you’re mixing yourself) by setting them up for creativity and success
  • Why the arrangement techniques you've been practicing  now make it EASIER to export your multitrack
  • Reclaim hours of your life by following these easy stem printing guidelines
  • The extra habit that will automatically improve your music in the future
By the end of these modules you’ll have completely transformed your understanding of the creative process

and developed the ability to use Ableton Live as an inspiring tool that’s almost like having a great collaborator in the room with you. 

You’ll be perfectly set to rapidly create fresh and dynamic beats on demand that will drive forward any production.

True Growth is always accelerated when you see others striving for, and making progress towards, the same goal as you. 

There’s a well known maxim that You Are The Sum Of The Five People You Spend The Most Time With. 

If you’re serious about your music, you’ll want to be around other people on the same path. 

As a member of The Beats Accelerator Process you’ll be able to share your journey with a supportive, committed, global community of like minded creative souls by connecting in a Dedicated Private Room for students hosted within The Complete Producer Network

It’s a double win. So many people are already finding massive benefits from hanging out in The Complete Producer Network. 

This will be leveled up even more in The Beats Accelerator Room where you can mind meld with other creators all working on the same goal at the same time as you.

By now you can see just how different your life will be when you learn The Beats Accelerator Process.

I’m sure you understand why I’ve chosen this to be the first cornerstone I can help you establish as you level up to become a Complete Producer. 

It’s because discovering and defining this process was THE pivotal element that let me dramatically transform my own work, level up an already successful career, and massively expand my capabilities and opportunities

And it’s a process that is as learnable by newcomers to music production as it is by established veterans.

"What Damian is offering with this program isn’t one of those quick fix, learn a few tricks (that only work in select situations and will soon be out of style) but a full featured methodology that will serve a lifetime of production situations. He has a master’s understanding of very complex ideas and methods that he’s able to disseminate and present clearly for all to easily understand and implement. I’ve been in literally thousands of sessions and thought I had a good system in place but by the first 2 modules I had so many lightbulb moments of ways and places to improve my workflow, identified so many sticking points I had become blind to, readdressed the vital importance of solid engineering, and faced fears and stagnation I’d been avoiding. It just completely rocked my world and opened up so much space for new inspiration. The best part of everything for me was just remembering the fun of making music with a newfound ease and joy. I highly recommend the course!"

"What resonated with me the most, and what makes The Beats Accelerator Process timeless, is that every specific technique or trick, can be applied with immediate results and is backed up by scientific, philosophical - and I would even say spiritual - considerations! Among other things, the course really opened my eyes to the reality that there must be a method to consistent, extremely high quality work. I especially loved that in every step of the process, you are taking into consideration basic human cognitive behaviors, as well as "mind hacks" that encourage creativity and free flowing thought. For someone (like me) who needed that extra push to finally get my beat making tools in order, as well as boosting my creative and practice method, this course is a no brainer. And for someone (also like me) always curious about new creative tools, and looking to optimize his creative mindset, I can't recommend the course enough!

Jose Castillo

Grammy Nominated Musician, Producer, Songwriter, Artist.

Darren Boling

Producer, Composer,

Recording Engineer,


I used to book a minimum of two days to write a song with an artist. 

Then I’d need another day or two to flesh out demo production I’d be happy to send to the artist’s team to see if they wanted to turn it into a full production.

Now, using the framework you’ll learn in The Beats Accelerator Process, I’m able to confidently know we can hit a good version to share in a matter of hours. 

Full productions could sometimes take me weeks, additional programming and production for a track could be a few days… 

Then I began applying the Beats Accelerator Process principles and now these are now being wrapped up in a third or even a quarter of the time.

And contrary to the misguided belief that drove my career for nearly two decades, I don’t need to be cranking it 16 hours a day to make good music. 

In fact, the less time I could spend in the studio, the more VALUABLE I could make each moment in the studio, the more RESULTS I could get out of each moment in the studio. 

I became able to imbue far more life, bounce, vibe, and…. (yeah I’ll say it!) more magic into my productions, in far less time.

Why IS that?

And can you imagine the impact this would have on you?

because WHEN you’re able to create a circumstance where you can enter into and capitalize on being in the flow

You can go deep, fast, and make the highest quality decisions because fresh mental energy can be focused on what really matters.

You’re able to keep tracks moving. You’re able to ENJOY the process of making music, you’re able to vibe it up more, to let the best ideas naturally rise to the surface because you’re making so much MORE music and you have far more ideas to choose from. 

And the easy knowledge that there are ALWAYS more great ideas coming compounds even further because it allows you to work and write stress free; you’re tapped into an infinite resource.

You’re also better rested! 

You don’t need to stay up all night grinding anymore. 

Imagine going to sleep satisfied, waking up refreshed, excited to get to it. 

You feel more optimistic, your sense of possibility opens up, your confidence to try new things… 

I could genuinely go on all day. It’s a serious domino effect.

Point is, if you’re committed to investing in yourself, The Beats Accelerator Process has the potential to kick start a chain reaction that will spread well beyond just your drum tracks, and well beyond your DAW.

How would the above results impact your life?

If you're a full time mixer, or an in demand session musician...

if you've got your foot in the door as an assistant engineer...

If you're already working as a music producer...

...but you want to expand your business into writing and production, what would it be worth to you to dramatically shorten the amount of time it took you to hit the level of quality results your reputation deserves in the brief windows of availability you have available between paying clients?

...paying for your own studio, equipment, bills, and rent: how much money could you save if you were to dramatically reduce the amount of time if takes you to write and produce a track? If you could get double the output from your studio in the same amount of time, what would that be worth to you?

...and you’re doing your best to remain patient and positive while waiting for that right opportunity or connection, what would it be worth to have the confidence that you’re ready to blow people’s minds when they give you the chance? And to know you've got plenty more up your sleeve after that?

If you're working a day job and you dream of going full time with music...

How far along the learning curve actually are you?

How much longer will it take to start releasing quality music and building your audience? 

When will you be ready to start inviting others into your space and seeing what you can do with them as a producer? 

What would it be worth to cut that time as much you possibly can?

 To not just be ready "some day", but to be ready NOW?

would your life really change IF YOU SPENT $8,000 on that esoteric piece of outboard? 

would this be more valuable than BUYING a high end Emulation plugin for $400?

would your career level up more quickly by buying a cool HARDWARE synth for $3,000?

HOW would THIS COMPARE TO the $40,000+ you could spend on one year at Berklee, OR the $80,000+ you might pay for a degree at Full Sail?

The Beats Accelerator Process

where I walk you step by step, piece by piece, click by click, through the EXACT system I use day in and day out, to professionally create world class, mix ready drum tracks

is a strategic investment in your music making future, Normally available for just $997

but check this out

If you’d like to grab one of the few spots available for the next round of The Beats Accelerator Process, you can take advantage of our open doors offer and secure your seat with three installments of just $187. 

And if you'd like to invest up front, you can save another $64!








per month for three months total

one single investment, including:

one single investment, including:

Instant access to the program 

Lifetime access to updates

All Six Beats Accelerator Modules

Beats Accelerator Community

Lots of juicy bonuses (below)

Instant access to the program 

Lifetime access to updates

All Six Beats Accelerator Modules

Beats Accelerator Community

Lots of juicy bonuses (below)

Everything from Invest Upfront 

PLUS 90 minute personal consultation with Damian Taylor about your music,  production,  goals and creative career




Doors close at 10pm January 4th 2024!

"I’m usually skeptical of programs which purport to create deep growth in a short timeframe, but I now believe working with the Beats Accelerator Process can do just that. 

"It offers worthwhile creative solutions to artists and music producers of all levels, from beginner to professional, and deep, working knowledge of Ableton Live. If you need to make beats, but don’t know how to use the computer, this will get you moving fast. If you do know how to use a computer, but don’t know how to get in touch with your muse, this will open hidden doors.

"Having learned and grown as an artist in The Complete Producer Network and by watching Damian’s Twitch streams, I joined the program feeling curious and familiar, already personally fond of instructor Damian Taylor. Damian is a consummate professional, a warm teacher, and his day-in and day-out prove his devotion to fostering creativity in the world.

"While the personal aspect of music is overlooked by most teachers, this is not the case with Damian. He knows creating can be fun and often personal, looking different for every person. He’s also absorbed the insight of an accomplished career, sitting constantly at the forefront of music technology. Long story short, he’s spent a lot of time finding out how things work inside and out, and has now given us a multidisciplinary process that stands the test of daily use.

"Making music can seem difficult at first, but it doesn’t have to be. This set of tools and techniques prepares artists to meet the unknown every day. The techniques taught in this process transcend the age-old pitfalls many aspiring artists fall into. It has concrete solutions to subtle problems. And to me, the most amazing thing about the Beats Accelerator Process is it is universal. Anyone can learn it, anyone can do it – personal creativity is at the heart of it – and it’s fun and rewarding.

"I feel great because I’m no longer worried by the possibility of a creative dry spell.."

"Completing The Beats Accelerator Process with Damian has been an incredible, mind opening experience.

"I have been lucky enough to have been making music professionally for the last 15 years, but I was struggling to find a software system where I could make beats quickly without compromising quality or my own musical style.

"Damian's course gave me this and so much more. It's not just how to use Ableton Live, but how to harness its power to give you exactly what you need as fast as possible. It turns Ableton from being "just another DAW" into an incredible sounding instrument, making music effortlessly. 

"The course also talks about music creation in new ways I haven’t heard before, with a real encouragement to push yourself, and I've found a renewed burst of creativity and enthusiasm with making music I haven’t felt in quite a while!

"The Beats Accelerator Process is the real deal. It's not a taster to see if you like making music, it's the fundamentals to build yourself into a professional level music maker (although with Damians kind demeanor and openness you almost forget how hard you're working!). 

"If you're serious about making music then The Beats Accelerator Process is the thing to do

"I have been lucky enough to work with some of the best, most successful producers in the world (Damian being one of them!) and this I the closest I have ever seen a course come to giving you that magic of being in the room with them, and seeing how things really work."

Neil Comber




"After years of composing on guitars and recording with microphones, The Beats Accelerator has opened a new mindset for me to bring my music and my process into the current millennium."

Sam Ortallono


Audio Engineer,


Bill Massey



My goal is to see you unlock a whole new level of creativity, speed, mastery, decisiveness, and enjoyment in the studio, while setting yourself up to expand into a Complete Producer who’s ready to kill it in any session, with any artist, in any studio, anywhere in the world.

I’ve achieved phenomenal results with artists over and over in my career, and I want to achieve the same with you. And while I’ve already used and proven and have rock solid confidence in everything you’ll learn in The Beats Accelerator Process, I know you haven’t been there yet so you might still be a bit unsure about signing up.

If you’re ready to put in the work and go through this process, I’ll guarantee you’ll unlock a whole new level of creativity, speed, mastery, decisiveness, and enjoyment in the studio…. OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

In other words, if by the end of this training, you are still stuck in the loop, endlessly scrolling for sounds before you lose your spark, if you’re still making dull and boring arrangements, or even worse, staring at a blank screen and finding it impossible to even START creating, all you need to do is email my customer support specialist within 60 days of purchase and I will happily refund 100% of your investment in The Beats Accelerator Process.

VIP Members please note: If we have already had your one hour private consultation, your refund will be equivalent to the Pay In Full amount of The Beats Accelerator Process.

The Beats Accelerator Process is all killer no filler

Exactly and only what you need to know to fully unlock and empower your own world class drum monster as quickly as possible

It’s imperative that you don’t lose another day to the fog of endless options pulling you in all directions. 

The Beats Accelerator Process is laser focused on one goal. 

I’m always dedicated to over-delivering for my artists and clients, and I do the same for my students

So when you sign up to The Beats Accelerator Process, you’ll also receive an epic array of bonuses which will help you learn faster, and easily cover adjacent areas in your production skillset to accelerate the Accelerator even more.



OPTIMIZE your environment to support your creative practice

If you get really excited to create but often find yourself doing something completely different instead, this course with a course is for you. 

We'll get you set up for success by creating an environment that supports your focus, your growth, your responsibilities outside the studio and your achievement of your goals.

2) File Fundamentals Bundle

Never stress about losing your work again:my backup processes

Music producers’ guide to sourcing all the drum sounds you’ll need

You know what’s even less exciting than backing up? Losing your work. 

I'll walk you through best practices and my own methods and technology for keeping priceless creative work safe.

Your Beats Process will be Hugely Accelerated - so make sure you’re wearing a seatbelt.

If you’re just starting out with electronic production and are only using the stock sounds in your DAW, you’ll never craft the original and unique sound you hear in your head. 

In this bonus I’ll show you the few key resources you can tap into quickly and easily to being assembling your own custom sound set to help you stand out from the crowd. Many of these resources are cheap - and some are totally free!


fly on the wall recordings of my own REAL TIME BEATS CREATION practice sessions


I’ll also share the actual Ableton Live sessions from the fly on the wall recordings*  so that you can take your time to explore and unpack the rhythms I’ve used - and even rebuild them with your own sounds. Your understanding of the process will take on a whole new dimension. Feel free to pull any of these elements over into your own work.

I’ve been through so many courses where people just show you what the buttons do, but you never get to see them all in action in a real world flow. 

This bonus will let you look over my shoulder as I real time execute the exact process I’ll be teaching you so that you fully understand how to string everything together.

* not including my samples due to copyright licenses of the companies I source many of my sounds from

There's a lot in here right?

We've covered a TON of ground...


When you join The Beats Accelerator Process

you’ll be trained in full, in depth, step by step, click by click

to build and master your own custom system which will allow you

to rapidly create, develop, and deliver high quality, mix ready drum tracks.

 ↯You will ↯

 - Curate and develop a custom library of perfectly controllable drum instruments so the right sounds fall under your fingers exactly when you need them

 - Master the techniques to make the most of your library, knowing exactly how, why, and when to use different aspects of your new abilities

 - Seamlessly move from initial patterns into full arrangements, pulling from your bag of tricks to ensure you’re constantly keeping your perspective fresh and ideas flowing

 - Learn to learn faster using a scientifically verified framework (no joke) to level up your skills and turn any plateau into a rewarding climb

 - Tap into advanced creative methods to further pull ahead of the field

 - Compound the gains and innovations you make to keep your library growing forever

 - Easily prep, export, and deliver the results of your creative drum programming as a pro-spec multitrack ready to mix

And then there’s the epic raft of bonuses

* Music Producers’ Guide to Sourcing all the Drum Sounds You’ll Need

* Never Stress About Losing Your Work Again: 

My Backup Processes

* Hack Your Environment to Support Your Creative Practice

* Fly On The Wall Recordings of My Own Real Time Beats Creation Practice Sessions

* Reverse Engineering Delight - Plug In Your Sounds to My Programming

And I know I keep saying it, but:

The principles you’ll learn by mastering this drum programming workflow and the philosophies and perspectives I'll teach you will apply to, and directly benefit, all areas of your music production.

"Damian speaks in a language that is technical, yet accessible enough for a producer / artist like me (who doesn’t have decades of engineering experience) to understand. He never makes me feel inferior, which goes a long way in this industry."

"Learning from Damian has been life changing for me, helping me fully bloom as an artist and producer. With The Beats Accelerator Process he has built the most comprehensive drum programming course on the planet which has now left me with skills that I undoubtedly will use for the rest of my music career."

"Damian’s knowledge surpasses the standard process of music production and recording concepts. He is able to convey very deep and complicated ideas in a way that makes them seem simple and rudimentary. The skills, knowledge, and perspective I’ve gained with the help of Damian are purely priceless."

Louise Burns

Recording Artist,

Record Producer,


Zach Howie

Noel Jackson

Self-Produced Recording Artist,


Mastering Engineer, Music Producer,

Acoustic Consultant

* Access quick wins which will pay dividends almost immediately

* Familiarize yourself with the feeling of rapid improvement

* Embody the energy needed to manifest an active, productive creative flow in the studio.

* Master the principles and methods needed to create dynamic and engaging arrangements

* Lay the groundwork to fluidly integrate your drum mastery into a powerful full stack of writing and production techniques

* Explore and master many of the tools you’ll be using throughout the Complete Producer Process

* Build the confidence that will prepare you to tackle bigger challenges and drive you towards your goals.

TheBeats Accelerator Processletsyou

So now you understand the transformation available to you. 

You can see why I spent SO much time figuring out this process for myself, why I’m so passionate about it, AND why I’m so confident you’ll benefit as much or MORE than I have when you implement The Beats Accelerator Process in your own creative life.

Now it’s up to you to make a simple choice between two options:

The first choice you can make is to do nothing, and stay exactly where you are now. 

And as you already know, if you do nothing, nothing changes

You keep doing the same actions, getting the same results.

But, if you already know that you want to revitalize your production process, gain a whole new creative perspective and take a massive leap forward in your music career, then your choice is obvious: Join us for The Beats Accelerator Process and start your transformation to becoming the Complete Producer you know you are meant to be.

Are you ready to invest in your future and unlock a whole new level of creativity, growth, and results?

Then simply click below to secure your seat as a member of The Beats Accelerator Process








per month for three months total

one single investment, including:

one single investment, including:

Instant access to the program 

Lifetime access to updates

All Six Beats Accelerator Modules

Beats Accelerator Community

Lots of juicy bonuses (below)

Instant access to the program 

Lifetime access to updates

All Six Beats Accelerator Modules

Beats Accelerator Community

Lots of juicy bonuses (below)

Everything from Invest Upfront 

PLUS 90 minute personal consultation with Damian Taylor about your music,  production,  goals and creative career




Doors close at 10pm January 4th 2024!

"Finding Damian was like stumbling into a unicorn.  He’s a rare balance of sense and sensibility, who not only has remarkable knowledge of the technical side of producing, but also the psychology behind it.

With clear examples and clever analogies he guides you through a process, that will change your life as a producer forever. 

The course left me feeling super inspired and confident to continue on my path."

"I spent the beginning of my career working as an engineer for pop sessions and I saw firsthand the importance of getting a great track going quickly.  Those producers had a mastery of their craft and confidence in their abilities that I never thought I would achieve…  Until the Beats Accelerator Process.  Damian’s course has changed everything about how I make music.  Not only does he give you the tools and techniques to make the best music of your life, but more importantly he encourages the mindsets required to be truly successful in this industry.  This is the stuff careers are built on."

Maria Hiukkamäki

Music Producer

Singer Songwrite


Travis Ference

Grammy Nominated Mizer, Producer, Engineer.

Host of "Progressions: Success In The Music Industry" Podcast

The BEATS Accelerator Process

Frequently Asked Questions

🤔 Why is The Beats Accelerator Process focused on drum production? I want to learn everything!

🤔 I use a different DAW to ableton live?

🤔 I'm not sure if I have enough gear to make good music, shouldn't I buy more first?

🤔 Everyone talks about mixing and mastering, shouldn't I focus on learning this first?

🤔 I want to develop my own style. If I learn The Beats Accelerator Process won't I just sound like you?

🤔 But my favorite producer doesn't use Ableton Live?

🤔 How long is the course?

🤔 But I’m so busy with work and family that I want to be making music in my spare time, not studying

🤔 I can learn everything on YouTube. Why would I want to invest in a program like this instead?

🤔 I don’t want someone to tell me how to sound though

🤔 I’m already in school / college / university - can I still learn anything from The Beats Accelerator Process?

🤔 I'm pretty sure I can just figure all this stuff out on my own

🤔 I’m already an established producer/artist/engineer/mixer, why would i want to learn The Beats Accelerator Process?

🤔 Which version of Ableton Live will I need for The Beats Accelerator Process?

"Here are my top 3 reasons to do this course for beginners:

"1. You get to learn from Damian Taylor. I cannot stress that enough.

"2. Check testimonials from other people. No spoilers, but apart from the real music work, this course will also boost your confidence.

"3. Real Talk- what is in the course is not just methods but a realm of understanding and respect. It is an experience.

"Here are my top 3 reasons to do this course for artists:

"1. Find your sound- I have been co-producing for years; yet this course helped me identify, organise and commit to myself; which helped me find my sound.

"2. The methods Damian teaches are not just methods but blueprints for your personal success. They are generated by you, for you; there is no compromise.

"3. Community - this is the best community I have met on the internet. It's almost like eating your cake and having it. I am from a small island in the north-east of India; purely because of this community I have been able to now work and release songs with people all over the world.

"Bonus for artists: Being from a very isolated place, I have struggled heavily to find places to learn about music online. Every personality came with a cult that usually has perfect-pitch beliefs. This course was the one where I felt accepted, respected, like-mindedness and that the philosophy of music which I have deep inside my heart (stereo sub bass jk) does not have to contradict anything or anyone and co-exist.

"If you have any questions about the course, or about anything at all, you can find me in the Complete Producer Network."

Diganta Upadhyaya

Record Producer,










per month for three months total

one single investment, including:

one single investment, including:

Instant access to the program 

Lifetime access to updates

All Six Beats Accelerator Modules

Beats Accelerator Community

Lots of juicy bonuses (below)

Instant access to the program 

Lifetime access to updates

All Six Beats Accelerator Modules

Beats Accelerator Community

Lots of juicy bonuses (below)

Everything from Invest Upfront 

PLUS 90 minute personal consultation with Damian Taylor about your music,  production,  goals and creative career




Doors close at 10pm January 4th 2024!

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