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Learn The mixing METHODOLOGY Of A10 x Grammy NominatedProducer, Mixer, Writer

Damian has devoted his life to working alongside some of the most creative and iconic artists of our era, like Björk, The Prodigy, UNKLE, The Killers, TR/ST, Bomba Estéreo, Odette, and countless more. 

In The Mix Accelerator Process, Damian will walk you step by step through his tested and proven philosophies and methods to empower your mixes, achieve your vision, and confidently stand next to any record out there.

The insight and skills you'll learn from Damian will bring your mixes to life and give your music the impact it's been missing. You will positively transform your entire relationship with sound, technology, working in the studio… and even your sense of what's ultimately possible in your own music career.

What producers and artists sayabout LEARNING FROM Damian:

"Learning from Damian has been life changing for me, helping me fully bloom as an artist and producer. The knowledge I’ve gained will stick with me for a life time"

"Damian’s knowledge surpasses the standard process of music production and recording concepts. He is able to convey very deep and complicated ideas in a way that makes them seem simple and rudimentary. The skills, knowledge, and perspective I’ve gained with the help of Damian are purely priceless."

"Damian speaks in a language that is technical, yet accessible enough for a producer / artist like me (who doesn’t have decades of engineering experience) to understand. He never makes me feel inferior, which goes a long way in this industry."

Zach Howie

Self-Produced Recording Artist,


Louise Burns

Recording Artist,

Record Producer,


Noel Jackson

Mastering Engineer, Music Producer,

Acoustic Consultant

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